Why every business can benefit from a professional cleaning service.

Here at Greenstar we’ve been supplying professional office cleaning services within Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham since 2005. It’s a core part of our business and makes us who we are, but how much consideration is given to the cleaning services for your company? You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression which is why every business should have a clean, hygienic, well presented working environment.

Imagine a scenario where important clients and visitors encounter unhygienic toilets, dirty surfaces and grubby telephones………….not great! At best it may appear you’re working to hard to worry about the cleaning. At worst it questions your professionalism along with the standard of your products or services. For the small cost involved it makes sense to engage a professional cleaning company to maintain your premises and send out a positive message about you and your business?

A clean, healthy working environment is also important for the wellbeing of your employees. Who wants to work in a dirty office? A designated cleaning service which employs industry recognised practices can dramatically reduce the spread of germs and bacteria within the workplace. The resulting lower levels of sickness and absenteeism will also deliver a boost to both productivity and profit.

In these times of austerity it is surprising how many business owners believe their cleaning service can be sacrificed in order to save a few pounds. Similarly many companies fail to initiate a change when the current service provider is falling short of expectations, primarily because it’s perceived as to much trouble.

So if you only have one important decision to make this week, make it your cleaning service. Here at Greenstar we offer honest friendly advice on all of our services with no obligation, all it takes is a short phone call or a simple email to set the wheels in motion.

Contact us today on 0191 449 0356 or email info@greenstar-cleaning.co.uk