HiResEnvironmental Policy.

Here at Greenstar Commercial Cleaning our customers represent a broad section of the local economy. They include everything from office premises and retail outlets to student accommodation and leisure facilities. When delivering our service the main consideration is not only to provide our customers with a clean, hygienic environment, but to do so in an ethical way.

In order to achieve this we place sustainable cleaning at the heart of our business, influencing every decision we make at every location we service. The ethos of sustainable cleaning is about being able meet our needs as well as our customer’s, without reducing the ability of future generations to meet their’s. But this doesn’t just mean ‘going green’ by using products that are safe for the environment. It is about trying to minimise energy consumption, waste disposal and any other environmental impacts which may arise from our day to day activities. As a result we are committed to developing and implementing an environmental policy with the following aims.

~ Reduce the consumption of our materials, fuel and energy.

~ Use recyclable materials where possible and recycle our waste.

~ Deliver a service using products that minimise harm to the environment.

~ Choose supplies that are produced with minimal effect on the environment.

~ Reduce waste.

To reach our goals the company will implement day to day practices that will provide short, medium and long term benefits by:

~ Complying with current legislation at every location we work.

~ Training and educating our staff in environmental issues and good working practices.

~ Actively sourcing suppliers who implement environmental practices within their organisations.

~ Talking to our customers to implement environmental policies within the service we offer.

~ Considering fuel efficient vehicles when they are due for renewal.

~ Continually monitoring our actions to assess and improve how we perform.