In 2011 the manufacturer of FreshClean Cleaning Solution, RJN Chemicals, approached us with a view to introducing their product to our range of cleaning services in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. FreshClean is supplied as a powder which is then mixed with water by the end user to create a versatile cleaning agent suitable for a wide range of applications.

Fresh CleanRJN’s representative hailed the product as revolutionary, claiming it would eliminate the need to stock different cleaning agents for different applications. Naturally there was some scepticism on our part, it’s not every day someone claims they can significantly reduce one of your biggest overheads! To allay our fears the rep explained how he’d encountered similar responses from other businesses and urged us to give it a try. Furthermore the rep highlighted several well-known supermarket chains who were using the product across their stores nationwide.

After taking several sample pots home to test the product, we were pleasantly surprised with the results. Using our cleaners in Newcastle we extended the trial after several customers agreed for us to clean their premises exclusively with FreshClean. When used in both trigger spray bottles and mop buckets, the powder / water solution proved to be more than capable. In offices, washrooms and kitchens excellent results were achieved on a variety of interior surfaces including paintwork, glass, stainless steel, upvc, porcelain, terrazzo flooring and altro non-slip flooring. Seeing how well the product performed convinced us to dispense with the traditional cleaning agents we’d always relied on. As a result we are now suing FreshClean throughout all of our office cleaning services in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham. Additionally we’ve been able to reduce our overheads as promised and pass this saving on to our customers in the form of lower prices. Furthermore FreshClean is completely eco-friendly, helping us to support our policy of sustainable cleaning.

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