Picture of an Office Cleaned by Greenstar Office Cleaning in Newcastle

Office Cleaning Services – Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham.

The importance of a fresh, clean office cannot be overstated and the appearance of your premises can say a lot about your business. Here at Greenstar our office cleaning service delivers the perfect solution for any company wanting to achieve a high standard of presentation and cleanliness throughout their premises.

A number of business in Newcastle, Sunderland and Durham have already chosen us as their office cleaning provider. We feel it’s because each customer receives the same level of service no matter how large or small their business. So whether it’s a monthly visit to the smallest office or daily cleaning to a large office block, the three things our clients say matter most are:

1. A local, reliable cleaning company who understand their customer’s requirements.
2. A high standard of office cleaning by fully trained, uniformed operatives.
3. Competitive prices with rolling monthly contracts.

Choosing Greenstar for Office Cleaning.

So if your current office cleaner is struggling to live up to expectations or you’re about to open up at a new location in the north east, choose us! We’ll visit your premises, discuss your needs and tailor our office cleaning service around your business. Once everything is up and running regular checks by your designated supervisor will help maintain the standards we both expect.

Our Office Cleaning Services In Newcastle & the North East.

* All horizontal surfaces including desk tops, window cills, and skirting boards remain dust free.
* Contact surfaces such as door handles, telephones, keyboards are cleaned and re-sanitised to reduce the spread of bacteria throughout the workplace.
* Waste bins regularly emptied with fresh liners provided (recycling all waste where possible).
* Floors are vacuumed, mopped or buffed, with special attention to those areas which have the heaviest footfall.
* Frequent cleaning of interior glazing including windows, partitions and door panes.
* Regular cleaning of washrooms to deliver the highest standard of hygiene and freshness.
* Routine cleaning of the kitchen / staff room to maintain cleanliness throughout.

To make things simple, and so you only have one supplier to deal with, we also supply a range of washroom consumables from paper hand towels, liquid soaps, air fresheners and toilet rolls all at discounted prices to help stretch your budget. Just ask when we come along to do your quotation.

When delivering our service we aim to operate in an ethical manner at every location we visit. Our goal of implementing sustainable office cleaning throughout Newcastle and the north east means we use a range of eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible. Please take a look at our policies page to see how you can help us help the environment, proving that professional cleaning doesn’t cost the Earth.

Customer Testimonial – Thought Consultancy.

“Greenstar have lived up to their promise and have always done a great job cleaning at the times they said they would. The cleaners came outside of office hours and would leave our office clean for the morning – I can recommend them wholeheartedly.”

– Will Anderson, Thought Consultancy.

Call Greenstar Commercial Cleaning now on 0191 449 0356 or send an email to receive a free quotation on Office Cleaning in Newcastle, Sunderland & Durham.