Office spring cleaning with Greenstar Commercial Cleaning 01/04/2014

Greenstar Commercial Cleaning gives a warn welcome to Laura and all the team at Flex – e – Card who are now receiving our weekly office cleaning service at their premises in Newcastle.

Being a busy office which is operational 7 days a week, it was decided that after a long winter some spring cleaning would be the best way to get the service started.

The month of April is generally a good time to undertake any office spring cleaning. The outside temperature is usually warm enough to open the windows after the winter months to allow some fresh air in. This helps any rising dust and strong odours from the cleaning products to quickly escape while the cleaning process is underway.

The use of ‘clear desk policy’ when cleaning any office environment requires each employee to leave their desk tidy if they wish to have it cleaned. This helps the cleaning operative to easily access all areas of the desk surface without disturbing important documents or personal items. One of the best bits about spring cleaning is getting rid of clutter you don’t need. Combine this with clear desk policy and our 5 point checklist below and soon you’ll have a more efficient, streamlined desk top.

  • 1. Desk – clear your entire desk surface and drawers, getting rid of as much clutter as possible.
  • 2. Paperwork – sort through your paperwork and shred what is no longer needed. Archive the rest.
  • 3. Separate business and pleasure – do you really need all those toys and gadgets that invite lost time?
  • 4. Re-organise – keep only what you need at arms length, store supplies and other non essential items in a designated draw.
  • 5. Virtual desktop – tidy up your desktop icons and clear out your inbox of any unwanted emails.

Other aspects of spring cleaning usually involve moving the furniture to access skirting boards, window cills and other areas which are normally difficult to reach.  This usually provides a good opportunity to asses your work space and see if it’s meeting your needs. After deciding what it is you want a quick re-shuffle of the furniture can often deliver a more productive and efficient office. Just don’t forget to clean as you go!

A big thanks to Flex e Card for choosing Greenstar Commercial Cleaning as their office cleaning service provider in Newcastle upon Tyne. For a free quotation on office spring cleaning please call 0191 449 0356 or email